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Ready for a HEALTHIER VERSION OF YOU inside & out in just 4 months?

Lorena "Lelo" Martinez, Coach & Owner of Lelomar Health

It’s possible. And YOU CAN!

Lelomar Health can help you say goodbye to...

Soy lorena, una Entrenadora de Salud en Nutrición Holistica. Mi propósito es ayudarte a prosperar en tu salud y bienestar.
Te brindo orientación personalizada sobre nutrición y estilo de vida, para lograr tus objetivos de salud y obtener los resultados deseados.

¡Bienvenido a las formas holísticas de sanación!

Lelomar Health can help you say hello to...
  • Smiling more and establishing a positive lifestyle.

  • Feeling well rested and recharging every morning.

  • Enjoying food that you love and nourishes you.

  • Being more active and exercising more often.

  • Feeling connected and happier with life.

  • Feeling high energy naturally every day!

  • Creating better and healthier habits.

  • Experiencing more joy in your life.

  • Feeling happy in your own skin.

  • Having great sleep quality!

  • Getting more out of life.

  • Eating better.


I’m Coach Lelo!

I’m the founder of Lelomar Health - an open and safe container, where I hold you accountable and inspire you to live and thrive. It is my mission to continue helping individuals maintain long-term transformation in their health and wellness journey.

I’ve been where you are. My health and wellness passion story started back in 2010, when I was seeking effective ways to heal myself from gastrointestinal concerns. Medication never helped me and I was determined that there must be a better way.

Since then, I have been an endless seeker of healing techniques, nutrition wisdom, while incorporating changes in my lifestyle, exercise, and my mindset to heal from inside out. This has been a gift for my own life and a gift I want to share with all the people out there, those who want to be heard, seen and loved.

My dedication to provide evidence based guidance & a well-rounded support led me to get myself CERTIFIED as a Holistic Health Coach - @IIN, Personal Trainer- @NASM, Reiki Healer- @ICRT, & Nutrition Coach- @NASM.


I believe that taking control of our health is essential to living a fulfilling life. approach is centered around empowering you to make sustainable changes that will improve your overall well-being.

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Your path to a healthier YOU inside & out!

With Lelo's unique, customized, and focused roadmap, you'll get everything you need to heal and thrive in life.

Lelomar Health Fitness Coaching

Fitness Coaching

So that YOU can get an exclusive fitness guidance that allows the you to be inspired, supported and held accountable in the process - taking into account your unique nutrition and lifestyle needs.

Lelomar Health Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

So that YOU can get a holistic approach that includes evidence-based nutrition guidance, as well as accountability - ALL customized based on your unique needs.

Lelomar Health Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing

So that YOU can experience the powerful Japanese technique that reduces stress, improve relaxation, and support the body's natural ability to heal in as early as one session!

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Success Stories & Reviews

From REAL people just like YOU

“Lorena was able to help me work toward my health goals by giving holistic strategies not only by explaining the typical eating advice but including a spiritual point about food as we called Primary food, and I discovered how powerful it can be. She’s been supportive during my journey and creativity is all that surrounds her. I loved that, because she always has a point of view or strategies that encourage me to make meaningful changes.

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since the beginning of the program has been no constipation. From a painful and at least 2 days to going to the toilet to a daily and relaxing defecation. Working on it, I stopped blaming myself for being different. Before I would be complaining because I had to put a lot of effort on something that “most people don’t have to”. So, I accepted and I gradually became conscious of it’s the way that works for me and It’s fine.

I would describe Lorena as a professional with an unique energy, contagious smile, tireless seeker of solutions, loving, and someone with whom you can speak freely on any health concern. 

The most important achievement I have gained from working with Lorena, has been having more energy. 

Lorena shares lots of recipes that increase my energy and also, I like them because I discovered new ingredients and techniques such us Fermenting and Baking with gluten free flour that before I was reluctant. Also, meditation techniques that help me deal with constipation and anxiety.

I recommend Lorena to everyone that it’s interested in improving their energy level, if you need or want to start a self-knowing journey, even if you want to have a holistic review about your life, or if you are having constipation as well. She is disciplined, studious, in love and committed to her craft at the level of explaining what happens at a biological level in our body and especially because she is very aware that she deals with human beings. Which means that in many times our process is not linear. But she helps you to understand that it does not matter to fall, as long as you learn from that experience, and start again.”

-Estefany Aristizabal-

 I just wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for the incredible impact that Lorena has had on my life. From the moment we met, her passion, authenticity, and ever-present smile have been a constant source of inspiration for me.Her punctuality and responsibility are commendable, and she’s always been willing to support me at every step of my journey towards a healthier life. Her deep knowledge and holistic approach have been instrumental in my transformation on all levels.Thanks to her guidance and support, I've achieved goals I never thought possible and learned to embrace a more balanced and sustainable lifestyle. She is truly an exceptional guide, and I have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone seeking an authentic and passionate coach.So much gratitude and admiration for her.

- Marly Higuita -

Lelomar Health Podcast with Lorena "Lelo" Martinez

Listen to Lelo's Latest
Podcast Episode!

If you’re into Holistic Health and Wellness, this podcast is definitely for YOU! With LOVE, Lelo will share tips and valuable information to support your healing and thriving journey!

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